Transformers Birthday Party

I was thrilled with how everything came together for Camden's Trans4mers birthday party. Thanks to family and friends who helped out, the party went off without a hitch. Once again, the talented, Rebecca Watkins, did an incredible job capturing the details of the party.

The paper Transformers from Paper Robots 1999 were the inspiration for the custom designed invitations and handcrafted decorations.

For the table centerpiece, Optimus Prime and Megatron were suspended in mid-air above a 3-D paper backdrop of New York City Harbor. The banner with Camden's name was designed to look like chrome wheels. Get instructions on how to make the it here. The same wheel motif was repeated throughout the party space.

Frank, Camden's Uncle and Transformers Subject Matter Expert (T-SME) was the mastermind behind the witty names for the food and drinks (like Allsparkling fruit juice and lemonade with Energon cubes). The food tent templates can now be downloaded for free here, here and here.

Our friend, Loan, blew us away, yet again, with a 2-tier red velvet Bumblebee Transformer cake. If that wasn't impressive enough, she also made a banana and caramel Decepticon cake with a Soundwave Transformer fondant figure for Uncle Frank(atron), whose birthday falls just a few days before Camden's.

These Kabaya Transformers kits from TF Source came with pieces to assemble Optimus Prime, Star Saber or Henkei Convoy, a piece of gum, and instructions printed on the box in Japanese.

There was also an activity table to build your own robot using cardboard materials, and Make Do parts and connectors. These beautifully handcrafted stools by Lighthouse Woodworking in Winchester, VA were the perfect size for the kids.

The boys had the most fun playing with the Transformers toys. Did you know that Hasbro makes Star Wars and Marvel Transformers Crossovers?

Using boxes and pieces of cardboard, my husband, the "Cardboard Master", constructed an Optimus Prime that actually transforms into a truck! How cool is that? Everyone still remembers the functioning yellow bulldozer that he built for Camden's Under Construction theme party last year. The Autobot lollipops were made by simply pouring blue vanilla flavored candy melts into a robot mold, then popping them into the freezer for about 10 minutes.

The birthday boys sporting their Transformers shirts. Happy Birthday, Camden and Frank!

Photography: Rebecca Watkins / Printing: Brick Wall Printing and Graphics

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  1. Thanks for another great party! Everything was superbly planned and executed. We loved everything...from the lighted ice cubes, to the delicious transformer cake and transformer lollipop stand. Happy Birthday Camden and Frank!

    --The Purohits

  2. As always, a very cute & creative party. The pictures look great!

    -phoebe's mom

  3. Another fun and amazing CK event! You have exceptional skills, and we are continually in awe of your creativity. Everything was wonderful!

  4. We try to never miss a party by Phu! A guaranteed great event, rated E for everyone, exciting, and exceeds expectations!!! Happy birthday Frank and Camy. KW had a great time and loved the Kabaya kits. How awesome are her parties?... I re-arrange my work schedule just to attend, even though it's my son who is invited, haha.

  5. Thanks for letting me be a part of such an incredible party, and I'm definitely putting T-SME on my resume (even though I have to give co-credit to Lindatron), heheh! Everything was beyond spectacular, and it felt great to be a kid again! Extra special thanks to the CK4mers, Pure Joy Events, Rebecca Watkins, and Loanatron for the best party ever!

    Cybertronically yours,


  6. We had a blast! The party oozed so much creativity from the decorations, food, cake, and cardboard optimus prime.

  7. My husband and I were watching Transformers the other night on tv (which is kind of dumb since we own it and can watch commercial free). Anyhow, I told him all about this party and how I just love the names for the food. I just couldn't remember all of them, but they are so clever. I popped on Birthday Girl and there your party was! Now I have to show him for sure since I can get there TWO ways. Congrats.

  8. You're such an inspiration! This is by far the most creative Transformer party I've seen - and I've researched tons.

    Out of curiosity, did your guests have any problems with the Kabaya Convoy kits? Mine are all missing the base piece where you're supposed to attach the head to. I've emailed the TF but was wondering what your experience was.

    Thanks for sharing.


  9. Great job! You really thought of everything!!!! Love it!

  10. What a great party! I love the play on the name (Trans-FOUR-mers) and you did an amazing job on the decor! The names on the menu cards are so much fun. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  11. May I ask how you lit the ice cubes? My son is insisting on his own Transformers party for his birthday this August. I think I'm going to combine a space theme with the Transformers theme to honor the new movie coming out in July.

  12. My son and I love love transformers and this birthday party its genious..awesome

  13. What a brilliant Transformers party! Could you please show directions on how to make the Optimus Prime made from cardboard...I would love to make one for my son's birthday party....

  14. Thank you for sharing out the transformer ideas. I am so glad to found it helpful. There are some many cool ideas out there. Best, Christina.


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