Tutorial: Transformers Party Banner

Since Autobots transform into vehicles, I decided to make a banner that resembles chrome wheels and customize it with Camden's name. These decorations are also great for car theme parties.

For this tutorial, you'll need 12"x12" silver metallic card stock (each sheet makes 2 hubcaps), 8.5"x11" black card stock for each letter in the name, 8.5"x11" red card stock, glue, and scrapbook wire.

1. Cut the 12"x12" silver card stock in half and score 1" lines along the shorter side.

2. Make a fan, then make a score down the middle.

3. Bend the strip in half and glue the ends together. Use paper binding clips to help keep it in place. Repeat on the other side.

4. Trace and cut an 8 1/4" circle out of the black paper. I used a round cookie tin lid for tracing. Then make a small hole in the center of the tire.

5. Thread scrapbook wire through the center of the hubcap and tire.

6. Print the name of the birthday boy on plain copier paper. Cut the letters and trace them onto the red card stock. Cut out the red letters and glue them onto a wheel.

See the completed banner and details of the Transformer party when I post pictures this weekend.


  1. Love this idea! What font did you use for the letters?

  2. You can download the Transformers font here: http://www.dafont.com/transformers-movie.font

  3. Beautifull. I am from Brazil I loved it!!!


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