Anthropologie Summer Window Displays

As soon as I saw this Anthropologie window display, I added it to my mental crafting to-do list. The trick was finding the right material for the circles and figuring how to keep them in place. And of course, it had to be something easy to do. Then late last night, it hit me. Semi-transparent vellum paper would work great! I couldn't sleep anyways so I took out some crafting supplies that I had on hand (it was 1am after all) and made this vellum paper garland. You'll have to stayed tuned for the complete how-to. In the meantime, you can find the tutorials for my other Anthropologie inspired backdrops here and here.

It's already summer! Time for my round up of summery Anthropologie window displays.

Be sure you stop by Pretty My Party for a chance to win my custom paper globe garland.


  1. How clever of you to think of the vellum paper! And about the Anthropologie displays, the one with the floating jellyfish is ingenious and so pretty!


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