Tutorial: Chile Pepper Pom

I'm so excited to be featuring party tutorials from our readers again. Up first is a festive chile pepper pom how-to sent to us by Susan of Oh My! Creative just in time for Cinco de Mayo. Oh My! Creative is a community for sharing creative projects and it's absolutely free to join. We're all about DIY projects around here too, so if you have a little somethin' somethin' that you'd like to share, please send your submission to christine@purejoyeventsblog.com.

This is easy! Supplies – Beading wire, green and red tissue paper. I found mine at the store Five Below…they were a little deeper in color and only cost a dollar each. I should be able to get two Chile Pepper Poms out of a pack of red. Only one pack of green is needed to make multiple poms.

I cut the red tissue paper into squares about 4-5 sheets at each size. I started with 9″ squares reducing the size by about an 1/2″ until I reached 4″ squares. Six sizes in all to create one pom. Nothing was exact…I didn’t measure a thing!

Cut a long piece of wire and fold it in half. Accordion fold each size and round the ends on both sides. Starting with the smallest, wrapped the wire around the folded tissue. Twist the wire between each size of tissue about 3/4″ for the smaller squares and 1″ between the larger squares. I love how the wire naturally started to curve like a chile pepper!

Gently fluff your pom starting at the bottom, filling in the spaces created by the wire.

To finish off the pom, accordion fold the green tissue to create a green top. Instead of rounding the ends, I made about 3″ cuts, down the folded sides, to give the tissue a “spiky” look! Attach with no large space in the wire.

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  1. This is pretty awesome!
    I'm keeping this in
    mind for when I run out
    of crafting ideas!


  2. Thrilled to be sharing this with you and your readers!


  3. So cute & creative, Susan! Great job! <3 Heidi Rew from PartiesforPennies.blogspot.com


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