Red Envelopes

Red envelopes (called lì xì in Vietnamese) are traditionally given during the Lunar New Year, and usually contain money or small gifts. The color red is considered lucky and represents positive energy. They are typically embellished with gold Chinese characters like happiness and fortune, and sold at Asian markets and online. This year, I decided to make a modern red envelope using shimmery red cardstock, gold and black ink, cream resume paper (for the texture and lines), rubber stamps, and gold ribbon.


  1. That is so clever! Yes, I've seen those "good fortune" red envelopes given out during the Lunar New Year. Cute modern take on those!

  2. These are so beautiful!! I admit, I've always thought the traditional ones were a bit garish in design. But it never occurred to me to make my own! LOVE the modern design!

  3. These are super cute! Where did you find the stamps that you are using? I've never seen a stamping set that allows you to position letters and numbers like that. Also, did you apply the ink to the decorative shape with a sponge or is the stamp itself textured like that? Please reply!


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