Tutorial: Jurassic Cookie Pop Stand

For the DINOfour party favors, I'm ordering cookie pops from Michelle at Sugar Cookie Creations. So yesterday, I started working on one of the DIY projects for the party -- a Jurassic cookie pop stand.

jurassic cookie pop stand

For this project, you'll need stryofoam, cardboard, green construction paper, black cardstock, red felt, and brown crinkle confetti.

1. Glue a 19 1/2" W x 17" H x 1" D sheet of styrofoam onto a piece of cardboard that's the same size.

2. Cut green construction paper into 2" H strips, then cut zig zags along the top to resemble grass.

3. Glue the paper to the bottom edge of the styrofoam/cardboard.

4. Cut a 15" W x 12 1/2" H x 1" D styrofoam sheet, glue it on top of the other styrofoam sheet, and repeat steps 2 and 3.

5. Curl the grass with a pencil, then scatter brown crinkle confetti over the bottom styrofoam sheet.

6. To make the volcano, form a cone with black cardstock.

7. Cut pieces of red felt to resemble lava and glue to the opening of the volcano.

8. Lastly, glue the base of the volcano to the top stryofoam sheet and cover with confetti.


  1. Hi there! Like you new blog design!

  2. That is going to look great with the cookies!!

  3. Love your dinosaur party ideas. Doing same theme for my son's party. Thank for for this great centerpiece idea!


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