Craft Closet Makeover

What does your craft closet look like? If it's anything like mine, it's packed with party props, spools of ribbon, scrap paper, crafting tools and shipping boxes. I know what you're thinking, "The before picture doesn't look all that bad. This is what mine looks like on a good day." Well if you could've seen the junk behind the side walls, you would agree that it was in dire need of a major overhaul.

So here's how I tackled the cluttered mess. I started by getting more storage containers (you can't have too many). I already had some Sterilite and Snapware containers, but came across these pretty, yet sturdy boxes and drawers, stackable binshobby case and multi-drawer cabinet at the Container Store.

Next, I emptied everything out of the closet. By the time I was done, there were piles and piles of junk all over the room. I had to clear a path to make my way around. Didn't realize my closet could hold so much.

Then I sorted through everything. I threw away enough stuff to fill 3 large garbage bags and organized what was left. For things that I used most often, I stored them in open containers that were easily accessible, like stackable bins, an inverted letter sorter, and even cake stands.

I organized all of my sewing stuff (thread, pins, needles, fabric scissors, sharp rotary cutter) into my new hobby case and stored it out of the children's reach.

When everything was put into its' place, I went to town with my husband's label maker. For the multi-drawer cabinet, I labeled each compartment with a piece of paper to identify what was inside. No more having to search through each box or drawer to find something.

Lastly, I injected my personal style into the space. I decorated the top of the white shelves with some framed Chinese zodiac magnets from Wanart, small jars filled with pink and green buttons (leftover from the Vintage Sewing party), letters spelling out my nickname (did you know that the blog was originally called Following Phubie?), and my handcrafted paper globe garland (coming back to our Etsy shop this fall/winter). Overall, I'm so happy with how it came together and I actually think I can keep it tidy : )

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