Lullaby Baby Shower: Sketches

I've always been a highly visual person, so when I'm planning an event I often find it helpful to sketch my ideas onto paper. Here is what I had in mind for my sister's Lullaby Baby Shower.

1) Instead of using a regular table, I decided to use a crib for the dessert table. White canopy netting would be draped along the headboard and footboard, and a counting sheep mobile would be suspended in the center. To complete the dreamy look, I pictured hanging white pom poms to resemble clouds and covering the ceiling with blue balloons for the sky.

2) I needed to create something to display advice for the parents-to-be, and came up with the idea of stringing long strands of ribbon around a hoop. My initial plan was to have the guests write their advice on star-shaped post-it notes and stick it onto the ribbon when they were done.

3) I thought that paper origami stars would be perfect for adding color and interest to the neutral color palette. They could be used as dessert toppers or glued onto souffle cups and paper drinking cups.

4) For the chocolate covered moon pies, I wanted to stencil a picture of a cloud or star with sprinkled powered sugar.

5) After seeing these macaron pops on Tartelette, I thought they would be really cute for the shower, especially tied with ribbon.

Stop back later this week to see how everything came together. In the meanwhile, check out some of the pictures on my Facebook page.


  1. I sketch everything as well, so glad you posted this. Cannot wait to see how it turned out. Love your ideas-- esp the crib for the dessert table.

  2. I always feel that sketching out my ideas before bringing my designs onto my computer helps so much! I'm super excited to see what the party looked like! I love your idea on using white pom poms as the clouds. I'm planning to use a hot air balloon theme for my daughter's party and I was racking my brain on how I could incorporate clouds as part of the backdrop. Thanks for sharing!

  3. LoVe that you shared your sketches! I've been planning to share some for a few parties coming up since I'm asked so often how to layout a table and a party. Great minds think alike! {wink}


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