Party Tutorial Contest #2: First Place

I'm thrilled to announce that the winners of the second Party Tutorial Contest have been selected! What an honor it was to have Kate of Kate Landers Events, Lacey from Le Box Boutique, Paula of Frog Prince Paperie, and Candace of Candy and Cake as our guest judges. Thank you so much ladies for being a part of my one year blogging celebration. The entries were judged on creativity and how easy they were to follow. And the top prize goes to...

Julie over at So This is Julie for her Crepe Paper Flowers tutorial!

Here is what some of the judges had to say about her tutorial and why it chosen as the winner.

~ Vibrant colors were EXCELLENT for the tutorial. She immediately drew me in with the two-tone fringed crepe paper flowers. I also appreciated all the images of the supplies, and being honest about how it can be tricky at first. She shared inside-tips on making it easier by not using the frige scissors, as well as where to cut top-to-bottom to decrease chances of there being rips (shows for a good teacher). She also showed that you can hang on a garland, or put on bamboo skewers (more than one use for the finished product) which can then tie the theme across many decorative elements--this stood out to me the most in terms of creativity. All required supplies were inexpensive or likely something you had at home already, making it more accessible to a wider group. And how great that this decoration/project can be used for parties (not limited to birthdays) and celebrations of all sorts, and even used as home decorations after an event.

~ I like the simplicity of the materials and how do-able this tutorial is for the average person; that and the impact it makes in a party's decor make it a winner!

Julie wins a $50 gift certificate to Bird's Party, plus 3 months of sidebar ad space on her blog. Congratulations! Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out who won the custom designed party pack from Love Party Printables valued at $80. Ohhh...the suspense.


  1. What an honor, among so many creative people, too! Thank you for the comments and gifties.

  2. Great job! Happy to see you are top winner!



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