Tutorial Tuesday: Glittery Prom Girl

Melissa from Buckets of Grace is in the house! She's here to share a DIY project from her daughter's Enchanted Prom Birthday Party.

Thank you to Christine for featuring a tutorial on Grace's Glittery Prom Girl. The Prom Girl was the belle of the ball!  Not only was she adorable, but she was inexpensive and easy to make.  This technique can be used for any sort of decoration - a large monogram, a dinosaur, the possibilities are endless!

Here are the materials you will need:
* Transparency
* Photo copier
* Overhead projector
* Exacto knife
* Matte board
* School glue
* 1 or 2 bottles of glitter
* Spray lacquer
* Large frame (optional)
* Fabric (optional)
* Satin ribbon (optional)

  1. Take the invitation and transfer the Prom Girl to a transparency using a photo copy machine.

  2. Use an overhead projector to project the image. Then trace the image onto a piece of matte board (purchased from Hobby Lobby for 50% off).
  3. Use an exacto knife to carefully cut out the image.
  4. Put glue on one workable section at a time, then spread it with your finger. Working quickly, sprinkle the glitter over the glue.  Repeat this until the entire object is covered in glitter.
  5. Allow the glue and glitter to dry, then spray the Prom Girl with lacquer.  Spray on a few coats, allowing it to dry between coats.
  6. Staple fabric to the back side of the frame using a staple gun.
  7. Once the Prom Girl is completely dry, staple her to the frame.  If she fits in the frame, use hot glue or fabric glue to adhere her to the fabric.
  8. Staple a piece of satin ribbon to the center of the frame to create an illusion that she is hanging from the ribbon.  Finally, hang the frame from a nail on the wall.
Here is the final product!

I couldn't part with the Prom Girl after the party.  She now proudly hangs in my craft room as a sparkly new addition!

Thank you Christine for letting me share our fun project on your fabulous site!


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