Tutorial Tuesday: DIY LEGO Party

While Melanie of ewe hooo! is having a ball in Spain, I'm here in my home office writing a post about the LEGO Builders Party that threw for her son, Jackson. Promise to take me along next time, okay?

Again, this party had "ewe hoo!" written all over it! It was ultra creative, original and fun. And the best part is, Melanie shares all of her DIY projects from the party. I can see why these LEGO picture frames were a hit with the kids. Find the simple tutorial here.

For the party food, she came up with clever, yet easy to prepare ideas (I'm all for that), like no-bake LEGO cakes, LEGO cheese n' crackers, and LEGO chocolates. 

To see more of Jackson's LEGO Builders Party, go here. And while you're there, check out the rest of Melanie's blog. It's loaded with humor and inspiration.


  1. Wow, such clever (and yummy!) applications of the whole Lego theme!

  2. The food she came up with is amazing! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  3. Any idea on where the Lego block & person silicon moulds came from?


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