Transformers Birthday Party: Feature on Birthday Girl

I was having such a lousy day! I couldn't sleep last night, and then first thing this morning I find out there's a mini "crisis" at work. Eleven o'clock rolls around and I get an email from Becca, the Birthday Girl herself. My Trans4mers party has been featured on her oh-so-popular party blog. With so many great inspirations and ideas, it's no surprise that Birthday Girl is on every party planner's blogroll. Thanks, Becca, you really made my day!


  1. Your party was amazing and so seemlessly coordinated. How great for it to be highlighted!

  2. Really enjoyed seeing your Trans4mers party over at Birthday Girl. Such wonderful details...and that awesome Optimus Prime robot your husband made, wow! The feature was certainly well-deserved.

  3. Congratulations!! That's so exciting!


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